Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Greetings from Narlins

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

(New Orleans, Louisiana)-- I had the opportunity to play in three tournaments after I got out of my training session today at around 4:45 PM local time.

Event #1
The first one I played in was the $24+2 buy-in event that would win me a $75 token if I finish high enough in the tournament.

I doubled up the first hand of the game. Limped UTG with KQ of clubs and the button limped and the blinds were in the hand too. The flop was Qs 6c 8c and I bet out 120 (pot) and the button called. The turn was a 6s so there was two flush draws on there to be weary about and possibly open ends. The button raised me to 600 and I went all-in, knowing full well he didn't have a six unless he had quad sixes. With the flush draw, I was just hoping for a fold and I'd pick up about 800 of his chips. He had about 750 remaining to call the all-in and for some reason, he decided to go with it.

He flipped over 10h 9h, giving him no flush draw but he did have a double belly-buster straight drawing, needing a 7 or a J to fill it. The river brought the 2d, doubling me up for the first hand of the game. I got into a little bit of an argument with one of the other players because I said he could have got away from the straight draw and still had 750 remaining to play with. He said that I could have got away from it too.. I said no way he had 66 unless he had quads and frankly, I had the K high flush draw with top pair, good kicker. If he had AQ, a set, two pair, I still had outs.

Later in the tournament, I got into a big hand with the guy I was arguing with about the previously noted hand. He limped UTG, I limped on the button, and the flop came AJ3 rainbow. He checked and I bet 120, he called. The turn was a blank and I bet 500, which was slightly over the pot. He raised me double to 1,000 and I raised all-in. He quickly called and turned over AJ for top two pair. I turned over 33 for a set of three's giving me a commanding 91-to-9% chance of winning. Guess what... we're talking miracle time. He hit one of the two remaining jacks to give him a bigger boat. UGH! I set the perfect trap, and it goes all for not. Even worse was it was against the guy that I had the disagreement with earlier :(

I made a promise that if I was to go heads up for my tournament life and get called, I wanted to make sure I had the best hand going in.. If they suck out on me, there's nothing I can do. Well I fell victim in that being impatient with 10 people remaining. I moved all-in for my remaining 900 chips with 8-9, only to be called by 8-10.

Event #2
Well, I had to get another token. I was shortstacked the entire way in this 8+.80 token tournament... I may have had over 2,000 one time this entire tournament. I was shortstacked with two more people duking it out with me for the final spot in the money... I had UTG make a significant raise that had me covered, I called with K9s. They turned over 55 and I hit a 9 on the flop and it doubled me up to about 1800 and I was able to fold hands until I ended up getting the token!

Event #3
I played in the Daily Dollar tournament that kicks off every 8:15 PM EST. I had a commanding chip count early as I had a set of Jacks against A-10 with a board of A-J-5. It brought me all the way up to 30K in chips. I was folding hands left and right after that as I was easily in the money-- hell I was thinking about being patient, waiting for AA or KK and being able to be one of the chip leaders and possibly win the darn event.

Well, here came my hand!!!! UTG raises ALL-IN!!! $25K in chips, a cutoff and the chipleader at our table goes All-in for $53K-- WOW!!! I have pocket aces on the button!!! I have 28K remaining and chips.. I quickly call, to see UTG have 88, Chip Leader with KK, and my aces. I am a 65% favorite here to win a HUGE pot.

Of course, the best hand doesn't hold up. Not one, but two kings come on the flop to eliminate any chance of winning the tournament :( UGH!!!! I was so pissed, but what can I do? I got my money in with the best hand.

Fold AA preflop, are you crazy?!!!
It leads me to thinking, is there a time that you should fold AA preflop? My answer is Yes! When someone that has you covered goes all-in and you're at or close to the bubble with a comfortable chip count, there's one other condition that will allow you to fold these. When the prize is the same for all the winners-- a token tournament is a perfect example. If there's seven players left, top 5 get tokens and 6th gets a little cash. If you're chip count will allow you to fold hand after hand after hand until you're a token winner, go ahead and throw those aces away on an All-in battle vs. someone that has you covered. But the important part is everyone receives the same prize in the pool. If it's not in that structure, you need to beat the guy in front of you into the pot.. you have a tournament to win!

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