Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ugh, I hate FTP today

Ugh, I hate Full Tilt today.. I've already built up frustration as I've failed to reach the money in a 24+2 and two 8+.80 so far today. I had time to kill before I left for the airport and all it has done was piss me off.

Here's four examples of hands I've already had today, the first hand listed is what I have:

Hand 1:
QQ vs. Q9s -- The Flop: 992

Hand 2:
10-10 vs. JJ -- The Flop: 782

Hand 3:
9-9 vs. 10-10 -- The Flop: 637

Hand 4:
Qc-Js vs. Ac-2d -- The Community: Jd 4d 3d Qh 10d

This is enough to drive me crazy. I know, I know, accuse me all you want of over-playing an over pair. Wouldn't it be easier though for FTP to put a K or an A on the flop and scare me off that way????

Ugh. Luckily the bus is coming to pick me up and take me to the airport in 20 minutes, otherwise I'd be throwing my computer some more as I am setup for failure by the almighty FTP. Getting ready to head back to Columbus... So long Narlins, see you hopefully never again!

UPDATE: More Bad Beats!!

I played in the Daily Dollar and seemed poised to double up when I laid a nice trap to the BB who went over the top of my "continuation" bet of my pre-flop raise.

My Hole Cards: Ac Ks

The Flop: Kc, 5h, 8c

I raised to 200 on 40-80 blinds, and I bet out 275 post-flop with that board.

I was check raised by the BB to All-in, and I quickly called.

BB's Hold Cards: Kh Qh

Turn: 9h (Yep, they did it to me...)
River: 10h

My perfect trap turned into a nightmare as they gave the BB running hearts when I was an 83% favorite when our chips were put in the middle. No juctice, no heart.

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