Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

First a disclaimer.. Happy Mother's Day to my wife (who is carrying our child until the first part of October) and also to my mom, who formed me into the Poker Player I am today... Or something like that.

Event #1: $69+6 (40K guaranteed)
Limp UTG with AA on 15-30 blinds.. I have 15 to call with 67o, of course I am calling that. The flop is 5-7-9, two clubs. I think I have the best hand, so I bet out pot which is 120. UTG raises me to 240. Sure, I'll stay for another card. The turn is a 7 and I checkraise him to 940 and he calls. On the river, a blank comes and I bet half his stack, he goes all-in. I double up!

Had two nice laydowns in a row... 55 to a preflop raise, would have been up against 77 or QQ. Next hand, I laid down AK nicely... 99 hit a set on the flop.

It was the hand I couldn't get away from though that busted my balls. I had KQo and raised, one limper to my right called. The flop was K-6-4 rainbow, I bet 450, he raises me to 1900 (he was the guy that showed J9s in an all-in earlier so naturally I didn't believe him.) I called and he goes all in. I think about it and call 2/3 of my remaining stack with KQo! Ugh! Come on, you're better than that! How did I just basically go broke on one of my least favorite hands! He turned over a set of 6s and I'm left with 750.

I went all with AJo, another small stack pushes over top for 150 more, and original raiser calls. Orig Raiser shows 10-10, I show AJo, and other short stack shows JQs. Of course the worst hand wins, he hit a queen on the river for a virtual triple-up.

Finished in 575 of 800+, not a good showing! Very disappointed in myself to let me go broke with a single pair and not even an ace kicker.

The good news is, I finished just before the late registration for the Daily Dollar was done.

Event #2: Daily Dollar (D$)
Scratch that, I just got busted out in another awful showing in the D$. The board was 772 and I bet out with my 66 and the guy raised me with A7 and of course I overplayed that hand. I'm taking the rest of the night off, really upset with myself for going broke in hands when I'm behind.

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