Saturday, May 9, 2009

Satur-Day, in the Park! So far, so good!

EVENT #1: $8+.80
After not playing a single tournament on Friday (I know, the shock! Disclaimer: I was driving to Cleveland), I played in a 8+.80 18-person for another $26 token.

Early in the tournament, I had AA and the guy hit his K on the flop with KJo and I doubled up early.

Later on, playing tight, I made a big raise on the BB with As Ks and got a guy in the cutoff to go along for the ride. The flop showed 10c Js Qs, so I flopped a straight with the Royal draw! Trying to play it like 7-7 or 8-8, I checked the flop. The other guy virtually went all-in and I pushed him the final few yards and I had all his chips with a KJo call.

I limped UTG and the guy to my left raised me to 600, leaving me 440 to call and I smooth called with 10-10. The flop was 9-7-2 rainbow and I pushed all-in and the original raiser folded.

I got tight from here on out, only playing a few hands as I waited for other players to bust out since I was comfortably in the chip lead.

I ended up losing about 2k of my stack on 10-10 when the board was AA987 and second play had AQ. Owell, I was still comfortably in the money, imo.

About 20 minutes later, I was handed a $26 token. It's not bad when you hit a couple of hands in a non-turbo tournament. Then you can be picky about your starting hands, steal a few pots here and there.

EVENT #2: $24+2 Token
AQ doubled me up with AAJ on the board, two spades. After SB bets out 240, I double to 480. The turn is a blank and I raise all in after a 1/2 the pot bet from SB and I avoid a nut-flush draw on the river to double up.

99 on the button got me about 450 more when I went all-in with 10-8-4 showing.

AQ let me down when 8 people limped in the pot and BB goes all-in (the guy I doubled up through a few hands ago with AAJ showing on the flop.) I knew he had nothing, but he turned over 9-10 and got two pair. I had open ends after the turn, but didn't get anything.

I had AKo called 4x raise (JQ5 on the flop, he bets 500, i fold.)

I completed the BB bet with QJs to see a flop of Q-10-2 i check in SB, BB bets 180, cutoff calls, I raise to 900 they both fold.

Chip Leader raises my BB with 10-3o I reraise with AA and the flop is 2-4-5 and I went all in.. Naturally the donkey calls. I avoid the dramatic turn and river and double up to 5k. Thanks donk. Update: The donk went from chip leader to busted out in three hands!

The button moved all-in on my big blind and I quickly called to show my AA vs. his JJ. My chip count went to 7500 after I spiked an A on the flop.

Next hand, 3rd place in chips makes a raise to 360 and I go all-in with QQ and he folds after calling time.

Next hand I raise 2.5x BB on the button and BB called. The flop was 10-high and I laid down my KQ. Still at 7K with a 2500 chip lead on second place.

Just folded 10-10 with 2K going all-in on my BB on the bubble. No racing at this point!

Raised on the button with 99 3x the BB. The flop was 3-9-10 and SB bets half the pot and I go all-in. He calls and turns over a similar hand to what he had earlier (KJs) when he just had two overs. Luckily this time, I had more than a pair and he was pretty much drawing dead. He did get an Ace on the turn to give him 4 queens to draw to. My hand held up and my chip count went to over 10K.

Two hands later, I got my $75 token.

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