Monday, May 11, 2009

So-So Daily Dollar

After a bad Sunday, I decided I needed a nap after work and then I went over to my brother n law and sisters for dinner and my only event of the evening: The Daily Dollar (D$).

I found myself with a lot of starting hands that were mediocre, but playable. And can I tell you enough that I hate these type of starting hands. A-J, A-Q, K-Q, A-10, A-5s, A-2s, A-3s. Some hands that if you hit top pair, you could be in some big kicker problems. Also, suited cards that if you chase and don't hit, it could cost you a lot of chips. I hate those hands.

The best hand of the tournament was when I had AA

A-K-6 rainbow

2 for all four suits on the board

River: 6

I didn't get many chips out of it, maybe about 400 or so, but that was my best hand of the day.

My biggest hand of the day was when I raised UTG, short-stacked with AJo.


I went all-in with three people in the pot post-flop and all of them came along for the ride.

One turned over AK, another turned over 10-8 for open ends. I got lucky and got a third jack on the turn, to which a guy that folded told me he also had AJ. I tripled up, but gave my chips away three hands later by not being aggressive.

A shortstack was all-in, not covering the blinds and a guy that had me covered in chip count raised to 1200. I was trying to see if a Ace hit on the flop before I put the remaining 3.6K in chips in the middle with Q-Q, so I elected to call.

The problem was the BB also called.

Flop: 4d-5d-6d on the flop and BB goes all-in immediately.

Seeing as I had an over pair and I also had the Qd in my hand, I put all my chips in the middle.

BB turns over 6-6 for a set and I didn't get that diamond. I busted out somewhere between 2000 and 2300 out of 7000 some players. Not a great showing, but not bad considering the cards I was getting. A little disappointed in my lack of aggression with QQ there. I think if I went over-the-top of the raise, all-in, that 6-6 would have likely folded. I really need to tie up some loose ends in my game, I am really disappointed in how I am playing right now.

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