Saturday, May 16, 2009

Second gets paid too!

My ego and my tournament life were all busted last night when I lost $9K on QQ and button had 8-9s that filled a straight. That's twice now where I've got busted because I didn't play QQ right. Is it just me or is that the hardest pocket pair to play pre- and post-flop?

Event #1
I played in a $5+.50 18-person and came in second. I was very tight playing and my biggest hand of the tournament put my chip count at $7K (chip leader at that point) when my 3-6s rivered a full boat. I overbet the pot with $1000 bet into a 600 pot. The guy to my left went all-in and showed that he flopped a straight. I got runner-runner 6's to give me the boat.

I played really really tight, being very cautious about my hands when it was five-handed on the bubble. After a couple shortstacks went out, 3rd place went all-in with 77 and was called by a strong Ace and the A hit to make it heads up. I had 7000 chips to 20K.

The first hand of heads up, I went all-in with A2 and was called by J-10o. Coast looked clear as nothing higher than a 7 was on the board after the turn. Of course, my optimistic thinking let me down when a 10 rivered me.

2nd place ain't too shabby.. won me $27 bones.

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