Friday, May 8, 2009

More Bad Beats.. Same Book, Different Page

May 7, 2009

(Columbus, OH)-- Why does Full Tilt have such a flare for the dramatic? I've taken more bad beats in the last 3 days on FTP than my entire live career. Had a guy go all in on my aces yesterday with 6-8o and hit a 7 on the river to fill his straight :(

I played in 4 tournaments yesterday, cashing just once-- a $26 token. The Daily Dollar I went out at 1470 with JJ only to be called by KQ and AK.. Of course an A and a Q both hit.

The first 8+.80 I played in, I hit K with KQs and of course they gave the BB AKo.

I tried the stimulus tournament, but that Turbo is just not for me.

I'm hoping to play in the 40k on Sunday with my token.. More updates to come.

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